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Our Story - Skintology Stockholm

So how did we get the idea for Skintology Stockholm? And why did we start a skincare brand, isn't the market saturated already? What is so unique about us? We’re going to tell you all about that, but first, a brief introduction to who we are, the women behind Skintology Stockholm, and how we met.


We, Lill Andersen and Maria Lund both worked within the beauty industry and we met through work about a year before the start of Skintology Stockholm. We instantly clicked on our interest in skincare. We quickly realized we worked well together, neither of us being afraid to roll up our sleeves and get things done, and always discussing solutions to both problems and improvements.

Lill is a certified skin therapist and Maria is a product developer with a BSc in Cosmetic Science (we promise we will get into what Cosmetic Science means in a future post), match made in heaven, right?

It started as a joke, that we should start our own brand, have our own lab and do our own development. After a while, that joke started to feel more like a dream and a possibility to make great products, exactly the way we wanted them, even to the smallest little detail.

When Maria had (for different reasons) handed in her notice, Lill did the same a while after and convinced Maria that this was the perfect time. After hours and hours of brainstorming and research, we figured out the products we wanted to launch with; our amazing masks with patented bio-cellulose sheets. The first ideas were actually written on the back of a restaurant receipt. The masks are made in the mecca of sheet masks: South Korea. 

After the launch of our brand and our masks, Maria quickly got to work with the next products we had in mind; Thirst Quench Activator Booster and Thirst Quench Hyaluronic Concentrate that are produced in Sweden and launched in May this year. Have you tried them yet? We promise you will not be disappointed!

This is where we get to the question of what is so unique about us? Why do we think our brand and products set us apart from others in an already saturated market? The key is that, not only do we do our product development on a concept level in-house, we also have the skills required to do the lab work.

We can turn around new prototypes quickly and change the smallest little details until we reach perfection, all in a very short time frame. Instead of letting the lab team at the factory do the work, we do it ourselves. Once we have a product we are completely happy with, we turn it over to the factory for production.

This is a very brief explanation of our process, but we could do a deep dive and explain our process, how we test our prototypes and how we decide which ones to be taken through to launch. Is that something that would be interesting? Comment below what you think!

Do not forget you can always contact us if you have any questions or queries. You can check out all of our products here.

We are always happy to help :)