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Our 5 Best Tips for Xmas Gifts

Are you looking for Christmas Gift ideas? Give luxury selfcare to someone you care about! Maybe for your girlfriend, mum, mother in law or grandma? We have the gifts that definitely will be appreciated!

Here are our 5 best gift ideas!

1. Sheet mask Kit

Our popular sheet masks in a 4 pack! Perfekt to create an at home spa environment. The sheet, drenched in serum, is placed on the face for 20-30 minutes before its taken off and excess serum is massaged into the skin. The amazing thing about our sheet masks is that the results are instant! The skin is more hydrated and plump with a healthy glow. With regular use there are also more long term effects. Our sheet masks are made from bio cellulose and a patented technology that allows high absorption of active ingredients for a superior result. 

There are 2 variants of the mask: Thirst Quench Hydrating Mask and Fresh Start AHA Mask (lightly exfoliating), we also have a mixed kit with 2 of each mask.

You will find them HERE.

Skintology Stockholm Sheet Mask Kits

2. Start Kit 

The perfect start kit! Contains 3 bottles of 10 ml:

  • Thirst Quench Hyaluronic Concentrate, a luxury and deeply hydrating serum that increases the hydration level in the skin as well as having a soothing effect.

    Nominated for Swedish Beauty Awards - "Serum of the year under 600kr"  and winner of  a Beauty Oscar 2020 - "Hydrator of the yeare"

  • The Basics Day Cream, a light and hydrating cream that strengthens the skin barrier and reduces the visibility ocf fine lines and wrinkles. Works great under make up.

  • The Basics Night Cream, a rich cream that smooths the skin, helps the skin recovery during the night and supports the skins natural microbiome

   You will find it HERE.


3. Luxury Hand Sanitizer nominated for Hand Product Of The Year. 

This is an alcogel out of the ordinary! Of course it contains  70% alcohol that is disinfecting and effective towards bacteria and virus. But it also gives an instantly smooth and hydrated skin feel with the help betain. Betaine is a natural moisturizer that occurs in plants and animals. The Betaine we use is a 100% bio-based amino acid derivative extracted from sugar beet. It protects cells from environmental stress like oxidative (UV radiations) and thermal stress (dehydration) by controlling cell water balance. It also helps to reinforce the epidermal barrier to moisturize and protect the skin.

So forget about dehydrated hands with this amazing hand sanitizer!

Available in 2 sizes: 150 ml aluminium bottle worthy to have out in view and a smaller 50 ml bottle perfect for the handbag. ONLY SOLD IN SWEDEN.

You find them HERE.

Skintology Stockholm Hand Sanitizer


4. Thirst Quench Set - hydrating essence, serum and mask 

The perfect combination to boost the skin with lots of moisture, for an amazing price! A perfect complement to an existing skin routine the need a hydration boost. Moisture is not to be underestimated! A well hydrated skin get a healthy glow, less sensitivity, is more resilient and less visible fine lines. 

Products that are included:


  • 2 pcs Thirst Quench Hydrating Sheet Masks, deeply hydrating and will help maintain the moisture balance in the skin. The mask is revitalizing, and the skin will feel smoother and more radiant.  Made from the next level of bio cellulose with a patented technology allowing high absorption of active ingredients for superior results
  • 1 pcs Thirst Quench Activator Booster Nominated for Swedish Beauty Awards - "Swedish product of the year". Deeply hydrating essence that help increase the delivery of skincare actives into the skin. It will act as the delivery agent for a better and faster result of products applied on top and at the same time hydrate and soothe your skin.
  • 1 pcs Thirst Quench Hyaluronic Concentrate, Nominated for Swedish Beauty Awards - "Serum of the year under 600 SEK" and Winner of Beauty Oscar - "Hydrating product of the year". Thirst Quench Hyaluronic Concentrate is a deeply hydrating serum. Instantly plump, hydrated and radiant skin. Forget any signs of dry skin when using this beautiful concentrate.

You'll find Thirst Quench Set HERE.

 Skintology Stockholm Thirst Quench Set


5. The Basics Set - complete skincare routine with everytjing you need.

We have save the best til last! A whole skincare routine for an INZANE price!!!! We have created a DECEMBER DEAL where you save 39%!! A set with everything you need in a skincare routine: Cleanser, Day Cream, Night Cream and our innovative serum oil. 

More about the products:

  • The Basics Gentle foaming Cleanser, a gentle foaming mousse. Gentle Foaming Cleanser effectively removes any impurities and at the same time nourish the skin, leaving it silky smooth. The cleanser has a soft and dense foam, is free from perfume and with a fresh scent of cucumber (from natural cucumber water). Nominated for Cleanser of the Year (2019) in Daisy Beauty Awards

  • The Basics Oil Gel, is a silky smooth, soothing oil gel that helps strengthen the skin barrier and protect against pollution and prevent visible signs of stress on the skin. The Basics Oil Gel is an innovative gel that melts into an oil by touch and gives an instant soft and smooth skin feeling.

  • The Basics Day Cream,helps strengthen the skin's natural barrier and contributes to firmer looking skin with reduced appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and pores. Contains Glycyrrhetinic acid (an active component of licorice root), peptides and panthenol. 

  • The Basics Night Cream, deeply moisturizing and helps improve skin texture, while making the skin look firmer with reduced appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and pores. Contains fermented oat extract, peptides and niacinamide. 

You'll find The Basics Set HERE.

 Skintology Stockholm The Basics Range


Hard to decide? Give away a giftcard. 

You find giftcards HERE.