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How a Cosmetic Scientist and Skin Therapist can ease your skin care problems?

As you might be aware one of the Skintology Stockholm founders, Maria Lund, is a Cosmetic Scientist with over 10 years of experience in the beauty industry. Her co-founder, Lill Andersen, is a skin therapist with nearly 10 years in her field working with several brands as well as having her own salon. Together, Skintology Stockholm plans to revolutionise the skincare industry with knowledge, expertise and products. So what really is a Cosmetic Scientist? If you have been following us for a while you have heard the title “Cosmetic Scientist” being mentioned on several occasions. So, what is a Cosmetic Scientist? Let us tell you! Maria is a certified Cosmetic Scientist. To become one, she studied in London for 4...

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Why we don't talk about concentrations

We have had a few questions about concentrations and why we don’t state them on our products. So, we thought we’d address that topic here today. First, don’t stare yourself blind at the INCI-list. Is it really worth removing other good ingredients, to move up a certain active, without actually increasing the concentration, just so that it will look better? 

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Let's talk about the base: Skintology Stockholm Sheet Masks

Where it all started for us, our masks. Our amazing bio-cellulose sheets. So, what’s so special about them? Well, let us tell you! There are many bio-cellulose sheet masks from different brands being sold today. In that sense, we are not unique. BUT, we found a bio-cellulose that is made differently, with patented technology, specifics that we, for now, will keep to ourselves as we want to continue being unique 😉

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Our Story - Skintology Stockholm

So how did we get the idea for Skintology Stockholm? And why did we start a skincare brand, isn’t the market saturated already? What is so unique about us? We’re going to tell you all about that, but first, a brief introduction to who we are, the women behind Skintology Stockholm, and how we met.  

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