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Latest Release - The Thirst Quench Range By Skintology Stockholm

Did someone say they need a hydration boost? Our two new products, Thirst Quench Activator Booster and Thirst Quench Hyaluronic Concentrate, makes the perfect hydrating trio together with our Thirst Quench Sheet Mask. 

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Here they are, explained, one by one:

Thirst Quench Range By Skintology Stockholm

Our thirst quench range currently consists of three products! Each of these products is great for combating dry skin and are great aftersun treatment. Use any of our thirst quench products after a day on the beach and your skin will shine the better for it!

  1. Thirst Quench Activator Booster
  2. Thirst Quench Hyaluronic Concentrate
  3. Thirst Quench Sheet Mask

Thirst Quench Activator Booster

Would you like to optimise your skin care routine? Help your products to perform better and at the same time soothe your skin and add extra hydration? Then Thirst Quench Activator Booster is the product for you!

Activator booster is a deeply hydrating essence that helps increase the delivery of skincare actives into the skin. It will act as the delivery agent for a better and faster result of products applied on top.

Key benefits:

  • Delivery of actives
  • Hydrating
  • Anti-inflammatory

Suits all skin types except sensitive skin*

*The product can be great for the more sensitive skin, but it all depends on what products are applied after. For sensitive skin, we recommend using hydrating, barrier strengthening serums/creams on top and actives with low risk of irritation.

Thirst Quench Hyaluronic Concentrate

This product truly suits everyone, because who doesn’t need hydration? It’s full of hyaluronic acid, both high and low molecular weight. To hydrate on a deeper level, we have also added hydrating as well as soothing ingredients such as Niacinamide, Panthenol, Sodium PCA.  This serum works for both an instant boost as well as long term hydration for your skin.

Key benefits:

  • Deeply hydrating
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Skin-soothing

Suits all skin types, especially dehydrated skin.

Thirst Quench Hydrating Sheet Mask

We’ve already told you about the amazing sheet we are using in a previous post, so we won’t repeat ourselves too much (did you miss it? Don’t worry, you can find it here).

So apart from being cooling and having the most amazing, tight fit to the skin, this mask is so revitalizing. Perfect for boosting tired, dull looking skin. The skin will feel instantly hydrated, it actually helps maintain the moisture balance in the skin. It will also make the skin feel smoother and more radiant. All in just 20 minutes!

Thirst quench Activator Booster and Thirst Quench Hydrating Sheet Mask makes the perfect combo if you want to treat your skin with an extra boost and make the mask even more effective!

Suits all skin types.

Don’t forget that when you take the mask out of the bag, to remove the protective covers on both sides of the sheet. The mask is the jelly sheet in between the mesh!

Cooling tip for hot summer days; use all three of them for the ultimate after-sun treatment on those days you’ve had a bit too much of the sun. Your skin will thank you!

To checkout, our Thirst Quench collection just click here. Don't forget you can always contact us if you have any ideas, questions or queries. Always happy to help.