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Let's talk about the base: Skintology Stockholm Sheet Masks

Where it all started for us, our masks. Our amazing bio cellulose sheets. So, what’s so special about them? Well, let us tell you!

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There are many bio cellulose sheet masks from different brands being sold today. In that sense we are not unique. BUT, we found a bio cellulose that is made differently, with a patented technology, specifics that we for now will keep to ourselves as we want to continue being unique 😉

We’d thought we’d still tell you about the general process of making the bio cellulose and of course why the patented technology makes the sheet different from others.

So the bio cellulose we are using is made from coconut. To get that jelly substance the coconut is fermented by adding bacteria to it. Sound weird, we know but it’s completely safe. The sheet itself is actually very hydrating and anti-inflammatory, it’s also the sheet that gives you that amazing cooling sensation.

Once the jelly is formed, all the patented magic happens before cutting out the facial shapes. All that’s left after that is to put the sheet into the sachet and pour on the serum.

If you have used our masks regularly, you might have noticed that even if our sheet is thin, they can differ a little bit in thickness from one another. As bio cellulose is a natural product, the thickness can be a bit different between the different batches. For quality, there’s a range that the factory must stick within, but to avoid waste we don’t want that range to be too narrow.

Now to the good stuff, what does the sheet do? We’ve already mentioned that it’s cooling, hydrating and anti-inflammatory, even without any serum added to it. The sheet also has the capability to absorb the serum. Compared to other bio-cellulose material that cannot absorb much product, our sheet actually absorbs 200 times its own weight.

This leaves you with a sheet full of active ingredients rather than just being covered with serum. The whole product, including the sheet, becomes active. All this makes our sheet the perfect delivery agent and with its magical adhesion capability, it increases transferability of serum into the skin.

And the results you get are truly amazing!

Have you tried our masks? Comment and let us know what you think of them!

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